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admin / May 9, 2016

A lot of you would be surprised to know that baked goods have been known to be there for thousands of years. The art of baking was developed early during the Roman Empire. It was a highly famous art as Roman citizens loved baked goods and demanded for them frequently for important occasions such as feasts and weddings etc. Bakers started baking breads and other goods like cookies, etc. at home and started selling them out on the streets. This trend became common and soon, baked products were getting sold in streets of Rome, Germany, London and many more. This resulted into a system of delivering the goods to households, as the demand for baked breads and goods significantly increased. This provoked the bakers to establish a place where people could purchase baked goods for themselves. This is where the term bakery came into picture. A bakery (also known as baker’s shop or bake shop) is an establishment that produces and sells flour-based food baked in an oven such as bread, cookies, cakes, pastries, and pies. Carrying this legacy forward, we at YoCakes are here to create a fine blend of our love for food and the dedication to serve you all, to make you fall in love with our products.

Coming to the preparation of bakery products there are a number of food ingredients that are used in bakery industry such as baking powder, flour, butter, baking soda, eggs, honey, yeasts, fruits, nuts, and additional flavors and flavors enhancers and color additives. These ingredients serve different purposes such as providing emulsification, protein strengthening and aeration and maintaining freshness in the baked products. At Yocakes, we only use the best quality and fresh ingredients that give our product a captivating and enticing appearance.

Some of the most common and loved bakery products include biscuits, breads, cakes, cup cakes, cookies, pastries, pies, and donuts. We specialize in nearly all of these products and the ones that are missing are on our top priority list. We are making honest efforts to be the best in whatever we do with the sole purpose of improving every single day. We dream of becoming the No.1 bakery in India and have a dedicated team of individuals, to make this dream a reality. We also know it’s too big a thing to achieve but we firmly believe in the words of our late President A P J Abdul Kalam when he said, “You have to dream before your dreams can come true”.

P.S. Some of the excerpts, with respect to the origin of baked products, have been taken from Wikipedia in order to make our customers understand the various concepts easily.

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